Best Dog Movies available on Netflix.

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You want to watch some good quality movies made on dogs. But you are not sure where to start. 

Netflix has a wide range of movies and shows on animals especially on dogs but choosing some good ones out of them could be a bit tedious and boring. So here are a few recommendations from us on – Best Dog Movies available on Netflix.

List of Best Dog Movies available on Netfilx.
Best Dog movies available on Netflix.

List of Best Movies on Dog you can watch online.

Benji. (2018)

Director – Brandon Camp

Benji Trailer on Youtube.

It’s a heartwarming story of a cute little stray puppy named, Benji, and two school kids who strike a friendship with Benji while returning home. The story takes a scary turn when the kids get kidnapped by robbers. Will Benji be able to save them. To know how far a dog can go to save his buddies you have to watch this beautiful film – BENJI.  

Life in the Dog House. (Documentary 2018)

Director – Ron Davis

It’s a documentary film about a couple who runs a dog rescue center at their own home. Irrespective of all the challenges they face on a day to day life, it couldn’t deter them from their goal – To provide a safe place to the neediest pups on the planet – 10,000 and counting. 

Dogs – Netflix Original Documentary Series. (2018)

Six stories of unconditional love between humans and their best friends, Dogs. 

It will not be an exaggeration if I say each story will get tucked into your heart, will linger in your thoughts. Will make you smile and cry. In short, watching these stories will make you more human. 

And lastly, we need dogs more than dogs need us. Don’t miss this series. Highly recommended. 

SEVENTEEN – Movie (2019)

Director – Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

To find his therapy dog, seventeen-year-old escapes from a juvenile center and embarks on a journey of reconnection with his brother and grandmother through Cantabria.

It’s a Spanish movie with subtitles. But don’t worry- if you feel emotions language can’t be a barrier. 

Not just the dog, the story in the movie will keep you hooked from the beginning. The after taste of the movie will linger on for a good amount of time. It’s a movie of love, emotion, that will certainly warm your heart. Though there is some strong language in the film so viewer discretion is advised. 

Pudsey The Dog – The Movie. (2014)

Director – Nick Moore.

It’s a light-hearted family comedy movie about a cheeky stray dog from London named – Pudsey. 

Pudsey was quite happy living alone on his own but soon he gets adopted by a loving family. And in the course he finds out something terrible is going to happen to his family. Will he be able to save them?

If you are looking for light-hearted content to snack on, you can surely enjoy it with your whole family… 

Hachiko – A Dog’s story. (2009)

Director – Lasse Hallström

Hachiko - A dog story available on Netflix.
Still from Hachiko.

You are a dog lover or not. But I am afraid, after watching this movie you will become one. A big dog lover for life long. So if you really don’t want to change your personality, do not watch this movie. 

Hachiko, a true story of a dog’s loyalty. Imagine a dog waiting for his master to return for nine long years. Yes nine years, Hachiko died waiting for his master. Beautiful will be an understatement for this movie. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I suggest chuck everything aside and just watch it. Though a little waning from my side, you may cry by the end so keep some tissue paper handy. 

After watching this movie you will agree – Dogs are the best creature God has ever created. 

Where The Red Fern Grows. (2003)

Director – Sam Pillsbury

Chances are you have heard the name of this movie before. It’s a film made out of a classic novel – Where the Red Fern Grows. Written by Wilson Rawls. 

It’s a story of a ten-year-old boy and his quest for his own redbone hound hunting dogs. 

If you are in the mood of a good old classic movie. Then you have reached your destination. Now enjoy the film. 

So that was the list for Best Dog Movies available on Netflix.

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